You’ve probably been wondering if there’s any news about the WWE lately. Perhaps you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of The Rock or some new names in the WWE roster. Or you may want to find out who’s going to be in the SmackDown Tag Team title tournament.

WWE’s return to the road

In the world of professional wrestling, the WWE is making a major return to the road. The company is going to start a 25-city tour starting July 16th. It’s the first time WWE has been on the road since March 2020. And according to PWInsider, the WWE is not just testing its new main roster sets, they are also implementing augmented reality graphics into the ring via Steadicam.

This isn’t the first time that WWE has incorporated augmented reality into the ring, but this will be the first time they have done so in a full-scale, professional capacity.

SmackDown Tag Team title contender’s tournament

A tag team tournament is underway for the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Titles. The winner will be crowned the number one contenders for the Usos’ SmackDown title.

The tournament kicked off on the January 20th episode of WWE SmackDown. The tournament features eight teams competing for the title. The first round saw Hit Row, Los Lotharios, The Brawling Brutes, and Imperium defeat their respective opponents. However, the American Alpha team was eliminated, as they were disqualified for being a duo.

On the January 27th edition of WWE SmackDown, the semi-final matches were played out. Sheamus and Drew McIntyre fought against the Viking Raiders, while Hit Row and Los Lotharios fought against each other.

The Rock appearing at WrestleMania?

If you are a fan of WWE then you are probably interested in hearing about the rumored return of The Rock. This big guy made his debut back in 2004 and has since made sporadic appearances at various WWE events.

Although there is no guarantee that The Rock will make an appearance at WrestleMania 39, it is certainly a possibility. There are rumors that he will appear at the Show of Shows and at the Royal Rumble. And he’s also been mentioned as a potential opponent for Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 38.

WWE’s name change

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., formerly known as World Wrestling Federation, is a global integrated media company. It produces and licenses professional wrestling and other sports and entertainment content. The company has also expanded into other fields. In September 2019, it began airing a weekly live show on USA Network.

As for the WWE name change, the company has gone through a few legal battles. At first, the move was intended to avoid the word “wrestling” in its name. However, the World Wildlife Fund claimed a legitimate right to the WWF acronym, and so the company had no choice but to change its name.

WWE Studios

WWE Studios is a division of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) that produces feature films and entertainment content. The company has partnered with various distributors, including Twentieth Century Fox, Lionsgate Entertainment, USA Network, Netflix, and Sony Pictures.

In January 2005, WWE announced its first three movie projects. One was a film called The Call, starring Halle Berry. Another was a documentary on Andre the Giant.

Aside from that, WWE also produced a number of television shows, such as SmackDown and Raw. These are primarily aimed at the younger crowd. While not quite as popular as WWE wrestlers, these shows have been popular with viewers.

WWE Music Group

WWE Music Group is a division of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). The company began in 1985, a time when the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) was in its “boom period”. As the name suggests, it’s primarily responsible for making the entrance themes for the wrestlers in the WWE.

While WWE does have a significant music business, it doesn’t always yield great profits. To that end, the company develops partnerships with record labels and other publishers. In addition to using licensed music in pay-per-view events, WWE also showcases music on weekly and daily broadcasts.

WWE Jet Services, Inc.

It is not often that a private plane is used to fly a group of wrestlers to another country. However, this is the case with WWE. The company used their private jet to send their superstars to Saudi Arabia for a concert.

Wrestlers such as Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and others have used this aircraft to travel to different parts of the world. It has a maximum capacity of 19 people at a time.

In addition, it has a kitchen with quick meals. This allows the company to save money on travel.