WWE is the largest international professional wrestling business on the planet, and it’s a phenomenon that’s loved by fans worldwide. The company’s superstars are known for their larger-than-life personalities, and they often come out of the ring as role models to young fans.

The wrestlers are also trained like athletes, which helps the entertainment company make their matches more realistic than Hollywood movies. However, it’s important to understand that WWE is scripted and fake in a lot of ways.

For example, the results of the fights are pre-determined and the wrestlers follow a set script when they are on the mat. The same goes for the stories they tell.

Whether they’re facing one another in a match or talking about the future of the company, WWE superstars are always entertaining and engaging. Their bigger-than-life characters have helped the company become a global phenomenon.

There are many great moments in WWE history, but some of the most memorable and inspiring are the ones that don’t necessarily feature a championship match. Instead, they are moments that help to shape the industry as a whole.

#1 Bret Hart

Before he was a WWE Superstar, Bret Hart was a tag team specialist with his brother-in-law Jim Neidhart. They were incredible technical wrestlers and balanced each other out well. The combination was incredibly powerful, and they became one of the most popular tag teams in the company’s history.

#2 The Undertaker and Kane

Despite their sibling rivalry, these two hulking monsters work as an incredibly powerful tag team. They’ve been able to completely dominate their opponents, which makes them a match for the ages.