Meta's canceled smartwatch leaked online along with detailed specification

Meta’s canceled smartwatch leaked online along with detailed specification
Image Credits: GSM Arena

We reported about a Meta smartwatch in the works over a year ago today. The wearable (internal codename Milan) was supposedly in development for two years before Meta decided to discontinue it early this week for undisclosed reasons. Today, we have our first glimpse at a prototype of the gadget, which shows off its design and two cameras on its enclosure.

Cameras are worthless for smartwatches. Of course, there are certain models available that have two cameras. One photographs the environment, while the other is used for video calls.

However, neither of the top models is equipped with even a single camera. In this way, Meta likely thought that its wristwatch would gain a significant advantage over its competitors.

Meta’s Canceled Smartwatch – Complete Details

Meta’s Canceled Smartwatch - Complete Details

Meta’s Canceled Smartwatch – Complete Details
Image Credits: GSM Arena

The replaceable body of the Meta watch pops out of the watch strap cradle. On the casing, we can also see two buttons and two cameras.

There’s a 5MP front-facing camera in the form of a waterdrop notch on the screen, and a 12MP shooter on the rear next to the health sensors. The removable body and two cameras would allow customers to record images and films even when they were not carrying their phones.

The Watch was expected to come with GPS as well as a cellular and Wi-Fi connection, permitting you to use it totally independently of your phone. Meta also was working on independent WhatsApp and Instagram stories apps for the watch, as well as a Spotify app.

Meta, it turns out, had major issues with the second camera. It interferes with the watch’s capacity to detect nerve signals from the wrist, according to the manufacturer. This is critical for the Meta smartwatch, which is evolving into a unique smartwatch.

The watch will have a battery life of up to 18 hours on a single charge. Last year, the business attempted to collaborate with other companies to develop watch accessories. In any case, the cancellation of the two-camera Meta wristwatch does not imply that the business has no plans in this space.

According to Bloomberg, Meta is still working on a few more wrist-based products. The company’s stated purpose is to provide more consumer devices to its consumers.

The Meta Watch would also have apps for fitness and health tracking, a calendar, a picture gallery, and all of the standard smartwatch apps and settings. Meta was to arrive in Spring 2023 with a $349 price tag. Despite the cancellation of this specific wristwatch, Meta intends to create more wrist-worn gadgets in the future.

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