The specifications of the iPhone 7 Plus can be very valuable information, especially for those looking for smart fone The. Although it was released in 2016, this phone can still be used.

In Indonesia, the products launched by Apple are known for their elegant and expensive effect. This is natural as Apple has always tried to offer exclusive products. One of these is the iPhone.

Several apple iphone series, including the iPhone 7 Plus, became the target phones of their time. Because, as mentioned above, Apple’s cell phones are closely related to the notion of being a luxury and classy item.

For some people that view still holds today. However , the stereotype is slowly starting to disappear.

So what are the specifications of the iPhone seven Plus? And what is the current price? Here is a summary.

iPhone 7 Plus Specifications

Since its launch in 2016, the Apple iPhone 7 Plus is the first to introduce a dual rear camera feature. The specifications of the iPhone 7 Plus would later be developed by the next generation of Apple mobile phone series so far.

At that time the specifications of the iPhone 7 Plus were considered quite sophisticated. Apart from having a capable rear camera, this phone is also equipped with myriad features which are not owned by it. smart fone Android based or something.

Launching from the official Apple website and other sources, here are the complete specifications along with the price of the iPhone 7 Plus:

1 . apple iphone 7 Plus Color Design and Model

The weight of the iPhone seven Plus phone is quite light and it is around 138 grams. makes this figure smart fone It feels light enough to hold.

Basically iPhone 7 Plus is designed with a simple, elegant and slim concept. The slim impression is very visible in its dimensions, which are 158. 2 x 77. 9 x 7. 3 mm.

As for the color, the iPhone 7 Plus has several color variants, for example rose gold, gold, silver, black, and many more.

2 . iPhone seven Plus Battery and Screen

The elegant and classy design is supported by the other apple iphone 7 Plus specifications as well. Especially cell phone battery capacity.

The iPhone 7 Plus Li-Ion relies on 2900mAh. Although the capacity is small compared to today’s Android cell phones, the battery power can support the use of this phone for quite a long time.

The weaknesses of this battery can be covered by resistance. Because, the specs of the iPhone 7 Plus are equipped with IP67. So the phone has been tested to be safe from splashes of water.

Then for the screen, the iPhone 7 In addition uses the panel LED-backlit IPS LCD can produce sharp colors and clear images. It is also supported by a 5. 5-inch screen and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Another advantage of the iPhone 7 As well as screen, this phone uses ion glass as well oleophobic coating , In other words, the screen of the iPhone 7 Plus will be scratch resistant.

3. Camera iPhone seven Plus

When it comes to photo shots, the iPhone 7 Plus’s camera can compete with today’s cell phones. The reason is dual lens camera Wide 12MP f/1. 8 and 12MP f/2. 8 telephoto.

It is supported with dual camera features

Optical Image Stabilization, Quad Tone LED Flash, Sapphire Crystal Lens Cover, Backside Illumination Sensor e. t. c.

Then there is the 7 MP f/2. 2 camera for that front camera. The image will look good when you take selfie.

4. iPhone 7 Plus Performance and Storage Capacity

If you ask how the apple iphone 7 Plus performs, the answer is that the phone is still quite feasible to use.

Not only this build quality Tough, the iPhone 7 Plus has 3GB of RAM with storage capacity of up to 32GB/128GB/256GB.

The iPhone 7 Plus uses the iOS 10. 01 operating system which can be updated to iOS 15. 4. This phone is also equipped Chipset Apple A10 Fusion, CPU Quad-core 2 . 34 GHz And GPU PowerVR Series 7XT Plus. So there is no doubt about the performance.

5. iPhone 7 Plus Price

When it was first introduced in Indonesia, the apple iphone 7 Plus was priced at IDR 10 million. This figure is very expensive. But because this phone is an Apple company product, of course the price is still reasonable.

For now, in some platform e-commerce The price of iPhone 7 Plus is usually estimated to be in the range of Rs 67 lakh or even less. All you need to know is that used iPhone 7 In addition products have their own criteria to determine the market value of the price.

By looking at the above information about the specifications and price of the iPhone seven Plus, you can consider whether to buy the smartphone or not. You are advised to make a careful and accurate decision so as not to be disappointed with the product.